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Dr. Fagelman's Staff Negative Reviews on Yelp

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Brooklyn, NY
1.0 star rating
Not only did I wait at least an hour both times I visited this doctor, but also his staff was very unprofessional. Everything in the office was rushed and I didn't feel like I was getting personal care. Dr. Fagelman had no time to chat and he barely took the time to explain my symptoms and treatment. I was misdiagnosed the first time I saw him and had to return after becoming very ill. The second time, while a nurse was taking my blood, I fainted and fell off of the examining room table. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN. Not only did I suffer from a mild concussion after hitting my HEAD on the floor, but I also had a severe bruise on my arm for weeks afterwards where the needle was ripped out. There is no explanation for this except poor treatment by untrained staff. I am lucky my injuries were not more severe. Who ever heard of going to a doctor to get help and getting more injuries in the process? Dr. Fagelman was nowhere to be seen following this incident. I am not making this up. If you want serious and personal care from a professional, I suggest you look elsewhere.

See first post for even more.....

Amazing everything rushed when his staff starting with his receptionist wasn't too busy to verbally assulat me, than give me the finger, than threaten me with bodily harm, than assualt me and than file a false cross complaint which is also a criminal act -- oh put it this way -- I showed the video to an NYPD officer in the subway and he said she broke another law filing a false complaint and that the key is weapon as well.  I wish I had filmed the verbal assault -- amazing the reviewer said they are the video to see what goes on on company time.

Dr. Andrew Fagelman Receptionist Assaults me 155 Spring St 4th Floor

If you are viewing from a mobile device youtube has a flawed system and shows my most current video instead of Dr. Fagelman's receptionist assault with her pals 2 of Dr. Fagelman's staff and 2 staff of the dentist who shout No Dee don't do it but tell the NYPD that is was me.   I wish I had audio and video from the beginning of irrational verbal tirade.
Go to Yelp -- read the reviews direct -- much easier than here....
very   very -- even this one calls his office bipolar -- well 
how about violent almost blinding me with a running punch to my eye.

Dr. Fagelman Office Bipolar

3.0 star rating
 5/4/2009 First to Review  
Dr. Fagelman is a great guy!  I would give him a full 5 stars!  He will always take time to make sure he catches up with you and reviews all previous health concerns.  He will revise your medications if things aren't working and will recommend alternatives that he may like better.  He does a lot of tests in house which makes you feel like you have been thoroughly examined.

However, his staff can be hit or miss.  There have been times when everything goes smoothly and I get my prescriptions called in on time, there are other times when I have to call them repeatedly day after day for it to get done.  Sometimes I can get a same-day appointment with him before he even opens for office hours, other times I will stop in and get yelled at by his staff to call before I come.  Once I was even berated over the phone for calling to get a referral faxed to my allergist.  

I hate that I can't give him a full-on 5 star approval, but the office is just so bipolar.  I have told him about it too and things seemed to get  better for awhile, but then it regressed.  If he wasn't so great and if the location wasn't so convenient, I would have switched doctors.

In my opinion he is as evil as Delita Hooks because not only did he not fire her but he also financed her violently assaulting me and almost blinding me.

1.0 star rating
Do not do not do not do NOT see this doctor. I cannot stress this enough; he doesn't know what he's doing. I went to him with a rash and he gave me antibiotics and a cream. I later spoke to a friend who had also gone to him with a rash, and she said he misdiagnosed her nearly a dozen times before she went to another doctor. She then found out she had scabes and had developed eczema from all the treatments he prescribed her.

So I went to another doctor for a second opinion and she WINCED when she saw what Fagleman had prescribed me. Thank God I went to see her when I did--she said the cream he gave me should never be used on a condition like mind.

Don't go

n't go to Fagle!
1.0 star rating
Not sure where the positive reviews come from; I must have come on an off day because this guy was a total bust.

He didn't see me until an hour after my scheduled appointment and gave me 3 minutes of his time. I told the nurse my whole health history, explained all of my symptoms, what kinds of treatment I had had so far, etc. He came in, didn't explain anything, didn't address any of my concerns, acted like I was making symptoms up, and told me to go see an ENT and prescribed an antibiotic, like the other negative reviewer here. If insurance hadn't covered most of my visit I'd have asked for my money back.

Another review says he made time for an extra appointment on a fully-booked Sund
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  • 1.0 star rating
     7/7/2011 1 Check-in Here  
    I hesitate to recommend Dr. Fagelman.

    As a physician I would give him four stars, but running a practice is more than being a good doctor. My problem lies in his staff's consistent operational inefficiencies and lack of expertise.

    On my first visit I waited an hour and forty-five minutes for ten minutes of his time. During that visit one of his staff members clearly didn't understand the medical equipment she was using, evidenced by her needing help plugging it into the wall. She continued to improperly use the equipment throughout my appointment.

    Things happen. Maybe it was a bad day, so I didn't draft a review. Then...

    On a follow-up visit I waited 40 minutes for a vaccine that should have taken five and was placated with a blood pressure check. When I questioned the routine the staffer shrugged her shoulders, said that's what she does and left me waiting in a room without any idea of when to expect the doctor. A routine vaccine turned into an hour of wasted time. I expressed my concern with Dr. Fagelman and he seemed genuinely concerned.

    I like Dr. Fagelman. He's a personable and professional physician. His office is also very close to mine, so a lot of my coworkers go to him. Sadly, they have experienced the same frustrations with his practice, which prompted me to write this review with the optimism that he takes this to heart, adopts a more efficient process, and hires a more qualified
    medical staff.
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    2.0 star rating
    Fagelman runs his practice out of a place called "Soho Health" and it is a hipster establishment all the way through.  Attitude from the staff, bad art on the walls, creaky loft floors.

    The doctor himself sits behind a big Apple computer and just reads things off the screen, periodically looking over with a kind of blank expression.  He does not go into much detail about the specifics of any test, diagnosis, or prescription.  Honestly, he kind of reminds me of the doctor from the movie  "Idiocracy" who just flips through a stack of papers and says, "yep, you're kind of screwed up."

    The wait time at his office is always close to an hour and there is never so much as an apology given.  He is also not the best about returning calls and his staff screwed up on the location for a referral.  Once again, no apology, the usual hipster attitude that YOU must be kind of uptight or something.

    I prefer my doctors to me incredibly thorough, descriptive, and attentive to small details.  Like most people, I value my health more than anything else and I can handle more than just some guy clicking away on his Apple and reading off results. Go elsewhere.  I have.

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