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Dr. Andrew Fagelman Receptionist Assaults me 155 Spring St 4th Floor

If you are viewing from a mobile device youtube has a flawed system and shows my most current video instead of Dr. Fagelman's receptionist assault with her pals 2 of Dr. Fagelman's staff and 2 staff of the dentist who shout No Dee don't do it but tell the NYPD that is was me.   I wish I had audio and video from the beginning of irrational verbal tirade.

 According to the First Precinct this violent assault never happened. I had a cyst removed from my elbow with 2 painful injections to my arm by my dermatologist that shared office space with Dr. Andrew Fagelman. She and her partner are or have moved out since the assault.I felt and looked beautiful that day and was very happy. I had a protest sign demanding a hospital in the West Village where St. Vincent's was.

 As I exited the examining room I joked with my MD and women at a long desk by the examining area be back next year and if you have affordable injections to make me look younger I want them. I joked about younger man.

 You have no choice but to exit past Dr. Fagelman's receptionist "Dee" -- I learned her name from 2 women that work for Dr. Fagalman and two women that work for the dental hygenist that yelled No Dee don't do it.Do what? Violently assault me although the Det from the first precinct told me they all blame me.

 The video says it all.If only I had filmed the verbal assault --crazy talk from her from the beginning that escalated in to her get out from behind the desk -- stalking me when I walked back to find my MD but couldn't and than headed to the exit after picking up my phone I had left at the counter because I was so shocked by her "road rage".

 As I exited she violently gave me the finger and than smiled so pleased with herself.When I think of her I think of "murder nanny". This woman ran out me with a closed fist targeting my left eye but watch her threaten me with bodily harm, I was told by a cop I showed the video to, she has a key that he said becomes a weapon and I have a photo with defensive marks on my left forearm I believe are from the key.I told the cop that the NYPD det from the first precinct called me two weeks after the assault -- it was Tuesday and said he was arresting me unless I dropped the charges. He would arrest both of us but he targeted me because I refused to drop the charges. I had the video proof I was assaulted.

 The NYPD officer said that she broke another law filing a false complaint. I had not known that is a serious crime -- hard to think when you have a corrupt cop threatening you with false arrest and a weekend in jail when I called him back to ask if I could get arrested at 3 after a dentist appointment. He laughed gleefully stating come see me Saturday and he would arrest me.I had Ron Kuby contact him Saturday and Ron Kuby followed up with a short brilliant letter.

 The NYPD officer I consulted urged me to get another det. and to "go to someone".

The corrupt Det that finally called me two weeks later to attempt to beat me just emotionally over the phone in to submission asked me why I past her.  I said if you had gone to the office like you said you would you would know she sits by the exit.  He was not able to piece together how odd it is for a receptionist to get out from behind the reception desk and follow another patient around verbally berating them and than violently give me the finger.  

 Back to the cop I consulted in the subway after being threatened by the det.

It was not an option to get another det. as he instructed me.

 This in my opinion corrupt cop was not working alone down at the First Precinct.

The corrupt det. told me she had no record in NY but he did not check any other State in the USA and note she has an accent so I wondered if she could have a record elsewhere?

 I can't believe she doesn't have a history of violence based on her running at me as she removed her shoes, punched me in the eye, I fought back never putting down a very heavy bag on my left shoulder, 2 injections in my arm, I had recently had a series of painful synovis injections in both knees, I had bad pain in my neck and had an MRI scheduled for the day after the assault.   I was very happy that day and in pain waiting for an MRI the next day so it was shocking I could go to get a cyst removed at an MD's office and leave with a black eye, a neck that was in worse shape for being attacked by her yanking my hair and refusing let go when her co-worker asked her to.

 After punching me she grabbed my hair and violently pulled me so I grabbed her -- a first for me but in court under oath I would like to have her asked if that was a first for her-- so I grabbed her and brought her down to the ground it was gentle compared to how she treated me and I let go she did not.The heavy woman that you can see from the beginning of the video turned to me as Dee tried to kick me in the groin but just made contact -- said to me let go. I was bent over like a bridge. I pointed to my head and neck wrenched over and said she is holding on to me. I am not touching her.

The heavy set woman made a face as if she got hurt by Dee kicking her accidentally when she was trying to kick me.

 These women would have to testify under oath and in my opinion lie but the video says it all.Dr. Andrew Fagelman took the Hippocratic oath to do no harm but he has done an awful lot along with Dee and the women protecting her.

 The NYPD Det have been reported and I can't express the feelings except that a woman who is a powder keg it still sitting at the front desk of Dr. Andrew Fagelman's medical office after an irrational verbal beat down over me simply asking as I got a cup of water as I attempted to leave would you consider paper cups instead of styrofoam? It is better for the environment.She stood up and start berating me -- who am I? she went off and I responded it is the first amendment right to express your opinion. I headed back to my MD's receptionist who sits next to Dee and handed her a note. Would you consider paper cups. Dee raged against me irrationally and falsely accusing me of littering the waiting area. I now remember she once approached me before aggressively when I walked over to the computer in the waiting area. I told her lying about someone is libel but I am meant slander.

 I found a few negative reviews I found interesting.   The critical reviews slam his staff and I wonder if these are the women that yelled Dee Don't Do it and blame me.  In my opinion they are liars and trying to cover for Dee and Fagelman.

From Yelp:

 Ian Y.Traveling gourmandBrooklyn, NYComplimentSend MessageFollow This Reviewer7/7/2011 1 Check-in HereI hesitate to recommend Dr. Fagelman. As a physician I would give him four stars, but running a practice is more than being a good doctor. My problem lies in his staff's consistent operational inefficiencies and lack of expertise. On my first visit I waited an hour and forty-five minutes for ten minutes of his time. During that visit one of his staff members clearly didn't understand the medical equipment she was using, evidenced by her needing help plugging it into the wall. She continued to improperly use the equipment throughout my appointment. Things happen. Maybe it was a bad day, so I didn't draft a review. Then...On a follow-up visit I waited 40 minutes for a vaccine that should have taken five and was placated with a blood pressure check. When I questioned the routine the staffer shrugged her shoulders, said that's what she does and left me waiting in a room without any idea of when to expect the doctor. A routine vaccine turned into an hour of wasted time. I expressed my concern with Dr. Fagelman and he seemed genuinely concerned. I like Dr. Fagelman. He's a personable and professional physician. His office is also very close to mine, so a lot of my coworkers go to him. Sadly, they have experienced the same frustrations with his practice, which prompted me to write this review with the optimism that he takes this to heart, adopts a more efficient process, and hires a more qualified medical staff.

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Brooklyn, NY
1.0 star rating
Not only did I wait at least an hour both times I visited this doctor, but also his staff was very unprofessional. Everything in the office was rushed and I didn't feel like I was getting personal care. Dr. Fagelman had no time to chat and he barely took the time to explain my symptoms and treatment. I was misdiagnosed the first time I saw him and had to return after becoming very ill. The second time, while a nurse was taking my blood, I fainted and fell off of the examining room table. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN. Not only did I suffer from a mild concussion after hitting my HEAD on the floor, but I also had a severe bruise on my arm for weeks afterwards where the needle was ripped out. There is no explanation for this except poor treatment by untrained staff. I am lucky my injuries were not more severe. Who ever heard of going to a doctor to get help and getting more injuries in the process? Dr. Fagelman was nowhere to be seen following this incident. I am not making this up. If you want serious and personal care from a professional, I suggest you look elsewhere.

From Yelp:

 Karl H.I work an honest day and I deserve an honest meal.Los Angeles, CAComplimentSend MessageFollow This Reviewer11/3/2011Fagelman runs his practice out of a place called "Soho Health" and it is a hipster establishment all the way through. Attitude from the staff, bad art on the walls, creaky loft floors.The doctor himself sits behind a big Apple computer and just reads things off the screen, periodically looking over with a kind of blank expression. He does not go into much detail about the specifics of any test, diagnosis, or prescription. Honestly, he kind of reminds me of the doctor from the movie "Idiocracy" who just flips through a stack of papers and says, "yep, you're kind of screwed up."The wait time at his office is always close to an hour and there is never so much as an apology given. He is also not the best about returning calls and his staff screwed up on the location for a referral. Once again, no apology, the usual hipster attitude that YOU must be kind of uptight or something.I prefer my doctors to me incredibly thorough, descriptive, and attentive to small details. Like most people, I value my health more than anything else and I can handle more than just some guy clicking away on his Apple and reading off results. Go elsewhere. I have. 

From Yelp:
 danielle R.Summit, NJComplimentSend MessageFollow This Reviewer6/9/2011Not sure where the positive reviews come from; I must have come on an off day because this guy was a total bust.He didn't see me until an hour after my scheduled appointment and gave me 3 minutes of his time. I told the nurse my whole health history, explained all of my symptoms, what kinds of treatment I had had so far, etc. He came in, didn't explain anything, didn't address any of my concerns, acted like I was making symptoms up, and told me to go see an ENT and prescribed an antibiotic, like the other negative reviewer here. If insurance hadn't covered most of my visit I'd have asked for my money back. Another review says he made time for an extra appointment on a fully-booked Sunday. Not sure if he just has this doc mixed up with another one, but he doesn't even make appointments on Sunday.

My daughter came here for some pediatric travel immunisations. They were done, the kid didn't get sick, so far, so good. We had none of the scary medical issues noted above, so we were lucky.

However the adminstration of the office is what's causing clinical signs of stress in me- And I've never even been to the goshdarned surgery!
The automated bill production process has generated so many invoices for the same thing it's more than cost the value of the balance in stamps.
We are being followed by a bill back from NY to home in Australia (that I swear to god we paid before we left). I don't know how many times you are expected to pay the insurance balance of USD40.09 but really, enough is enough. There's only so many times you can call the office to query it, settle it, confirm it's settled, etc etc before you start lying on the floor and twitching.
So, "Mate"... if you're reading this.. please stop with the bills, we paid.

3.0 star rating
5/4/2009 First to Review
Dr. Fagelman is a great guy!  I would give him a full 5 stars!  He will always take time to make sure he catches up with you and reviews all previous health concerns.  He will revise your medications if things aren't working and will recommend alternatives that he may like better.  He does a lot of tests in house which makes you feel like you have been thoroughly examined.

However, his staff can be hit or miss.  There have been times when everything goes smoothly and I get my prescriptions called in on time, there are other times when I have to call them repeatedly day after day for it to get done.  Sometimes I can get a same-day appointment with him before he even opens for office hours, other times I will stop in and get yelled at by his staff to call before I come.  Once I was even berated over the phone for calling to get a referral faxed to my allergist.

I hate that I can't give him a full-on 5 star approval, but the office is just so bipolar.  I have told him about it too and things seemed to get  better for awhile, but then it regressed.  If he wasn't so great and if the location wasn't so convenient, I would have switched doctors.

1.0 star rating
Andrew Fagelman was one of the worst doctors I have ever seen.  I do not have a regular doctor in the city yet, so when I came down with a pretty serious throat infection, I got on my insurance's website and did a search for a doctor and basically went down the list to see who could take me last min.  I was in a lot of pain and my tonsils were swollen to the point where my voice was extremely muffled when I talked and I was barely able to swallow.  The experience in his office was normal at first.  The ladies at the front desk were disorganized and not very professional, but that didn't bother me much.  The nurse that took my vitals was nice enough.  But my complaint is with the doctor himself.

First of all, the room where he examines patients also doubles as his office.  You walk in, on the left there is your normal examination bed/chair with the white paper over it.  To the right is a large desk, CEO wheely chair, complete with enormous computer and all the trimmings.  He encouraged me to set in a chair in front of the desk while he sat at the computer.  I felt like I had been called into my boss's office, and the level of respect was about the same.

Then he proceeded to finish making a few calls, one to a man that he told his chlamydia test had come back positive.  Great, I need to sit in on that convo with a 102 fever feeling like I'm about to die.  Then while I was trying to tell him my symptoms he continued to type on his computer, answering emails, surfing the internet, who knows.  Just when I thought I might get his attention, when he was done with the calls and the computer, he pulled out his Blackberry and starts typing away on it.

I doubt he heard anything I said.  Being a new patient I was trying to explain my past history of throat infections so he could evaluate my current condition more effectively.  But instead, he looks at my throat for 30 seconds, and then prescribes an antibiotic that turned out to do nothing, leaving me to be sick for over a week and end up in a ear, nose and throat specialist's office and almost the ER.  I could tell the ENT doctor was trying to be nice, but she clearly stated at one point that she had no idea why he would prescribe me with the medication that he did, that it is the least affective antibiotic for this sort of thing.

WOW!  I will never return to see Dr. Fagelman again.  I don't recommend anyone else see him if they value their health.

 Anyway I was stunned at the NYPD Detectives handling this. I was a patient and this was suppose to be a medical office -- a safe place -- like a police precinct and I was assaulted and than the NYPD decide the woman who threatened to cause me bodily harm, assaults m, lies about me and blames me backed up by her buddies all screaming NO Dee Don't do this! and the NYPD det decide she can file a false complaint another punishable crime that carries jail time to make the entire situation disspear and me being assaulted did not happen.By the way -- do you think the Nanny Murderer showed any warning signs.After I was assaulted I was also harassed on line and I contacted the Det. immediately and asked if he wanted me to give the people harassing me his contact info. He said no.

Note: Did the NYPD ever mention to Dee filing a false complaint is a criminal action just like threatening someone with bodily harm as well as assaulting them which she did 3x and than I defended myself.