Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dr. Andrew Fagelman's Receptionist Delita Hooks Almost Blinded me in My Left Eye

I am still waiting for Internal Affairs and I know for a fact they have not contacted me or my MD that in my opinion is a witness that was never interviewed along with others.

I was never contacted by the NYPD officers that received her false complaint and a false complaint is a serious crime.

I was violently assaulted and lied about but I do not know what is more difficult to deal with -- the fact I was almost blinded in my left eye as I stood there like a human pinata while Delita Hooks sensing she found the perfect scapegoat -- a human pinata to beat up and lie about me -- I am describing evil and this is a medial receptionist office manager who's boss dr. andrew fagelman financed me almost being blinded in my left eye.

I am still so shocked and stunned -- dr fagelman took a hippocratic oath and he allowed me to be violently assaulted --- worse he paid Delita Hooks for nearly blinding me in my left eye -- I have all the medical documentation -- bleeding in my eye as well as bruising above and below and Det. John Vergona in my opinion as evil as these people refused to meet me in person the first day he called me -- he never met me -- I wanted him to see the bleeding bruising and defensive wounds on my left eye.

Dr. Vergona never went to the office to interview everybody.

An NYPD Internal Affairs Sgt told me IA will go over and interview everybody and they have not -- no one has interviewed my MD and her staff ever!

IA has not contacted me and it is over 90 days.

I just called Emblem Health and spoke to the Grievance and Appeals Department and they said what all say -- this is different than what they are used to ---  they need more time or the Attorney General's health medical division suggested options for me but that they themselves could not help me.

I want the NYPD Detectives to face me in court as I question them about the video.

I want Delita Hooks and all the women in the video -- the women those supposed medical professionals I am told lied about me not knowing I had the video of them screaming No Dee don't do it.  they have my name I want there's.

I want to cross examine them under court and I want their names for my blogs.

If Internal Affairs covers-up I will join NYPD officers to testify against them as well when we have a new commission in to the NYPD which I believe is coming.

You want to lie and aid and abet a violent crime  and think your victim is going to shut up?

Maybe  your past victims have.

01 First Precinct did detective John Vergona want me more hurt than I was already -- he knew I was in a neck brace -- he knew I had damage to my neck and eye but he wanted me to wait 4 days to be false arrested using a false cross complaint.

He he was an honest cop he should have gone to the DA with my video in my opinion  and Delita Hook's false complaint but instead he threatened me and did his best to coerce me in to dropping charges....evil..... a medical office was suppose to be a safe place and the NYPD --- motto protect and serve not harm a victim of crime even more.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Waiting for Internal Affairs who is Back Logged to Investigate Assault False Complaint by Delita Hooks and the NYPD's Role

So much for professional behavior by a medical staff worker and don't forget the women in the video as well as the violent raging Delita Hooks that Dr. Andrew Fagelman refused to fire.

Dr. Fagelman Delita Hooks Assault's Patient and lies --- Dr. Fagelman took the Hippocratic oath and this video says it all ---

note the door and Delita Hooks could have closed it.  When she and the women lied to the NYPD they won the lottery because the NYPD had zero integrity and never contacted me to give the detectives that  investigated Delita Hooks false complaint that Det. John Vergona told me Oct. 16th he just found out Delita Hooks filed Oct. 2.

So Oct. 2 Delita Hooks walked in to the First Precinct in Soho and filed a false cross-complaint -- a serious crime like assaulting a medical patient ---

Corrupt cops let Dr. Andrew Fagelman's violent receptionist Delita Hooks get away with threatening me with bodily harm after menacing me and giving me the finger than repeatedly violently assaulting me and the day after me filing a false complaint which this video proves.  No handcuffs or arrest.
when the video goes black she has punched me in the eye, grabbed my hair and tried to kick me in the groin.  After the 3rd assault to my body I fought back or I could have been in far worse shape.

So where I am at right  now is waiting for Internal Affairs who is back logged.

My newest complaint is against the Detectives who took her false complaint and never called me.  Nice huh!

My video does the job the NYPD has failed to do so far and it makes it impossible for Delita Hooks to assault anyone else or next time even corrupt cops will be forced to go to the DA and you know I called the DA as well.