Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dr Andrew Fagelman Gets Two More Negative Reviews and FYI on Lawsuit

I am suing Dr Andrew Fagelman and when I am done with the lawsuit I will another more to share but for now fyi he has never once asked if I am okay and he defends his violent lying attack receptionist office manager Delita HOOKS repeatedly violating my patient rights as if he does not understand PATIENT RIGHTS APPLY TO ALL PATIENTS INCLUDING PATIENTS WHO SEE MD'S THAT SHARE THE OFFICE SPACE AND DELITA HOOKS REPEATEDLY VIOLATED MY BODY MAKING A HOLE IN MY RETINA, HURTING MY ARTHRITIC NECK AND SHE TOUCHED MY VAGINAL AREA WITH HER BAREFOOT. SHE IS A VIOLENT LIAR BUT AFTER THE LAWSUIT I WILL HAVE MORE TO SHARE. STAY TUNED...
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    Their billing terms hurt patients.
    The care I received here was fine.
    Helpful to be certain. All attention and care was provided by a nurse practitioner, not a doctor. Which is again, fine. But the billing is outrageous. Sure, you will likely consent to paying a late cancellation fee or a missed appointment fee but when you get hit with that bill, it hurts. You will be billed your regular co-pay along with a seemingly arbitrary punishing fee of at least $130.00 on top of that. Wham! We're you late for urgent personal reasons? Wham! "We're sorry." As a student of medical ethics I can recognize predatory terms of compliance. These billing terms hurt patients.
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    Terrible experience!!!!! I completely agree with one of the reviews below. They are just about to make money, this is absolutely not about health. I wasn't seen by the doctor (must be something very usual in this office). But I wanted to give a chance to the nurse practitioner, who ordered a bunch of unnecessary tests for a regular cold/flu.

    I just been charged $182 in my bank account directly, three weeks later of the visit. I didn't even receive a bill from the insurance/office doctor in order to review it and make the payment accordingly. They just charged it directly. Now I understand why all the tests, they run to do all of them and I was done in 5 minutes. This is the first time I got such a terrible experience from a HEALTH DIVISON.

    At least, they should provide with more information about all the tests, but of course they just wanted to make money.