Friday, November 16, 2012

Dee Dr. Fagelman Receptionist False Complaint Another Crime

As I learn more and more -- or come out of what is shocking --- kind of waking bad dream -- it is now clear to me today  that Dee the violent receptionist  for Dr. Fagelman -- walked in to The First Precinct and commited another crime filing a false complaint!

The Det handling my case told me and filed a complaint against me.  He said he learned about her doing so 15 days later so that was when I learned but it was never discussed the complaint was false!

What I fully understand now after Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist -- his employee on company time ---  threatening me bodily harm, than assaulting me three times before I defend myself all caught on video Dee goes in to the precinct and commits yet another crime filing a false complaint against me which in my opinion the corrupt detectives used --  her committing another crime to use it to coerce me with threat of false arrest a weekend stay in the first precinct for refusing to drop assault charges.

Question - did she walk over on Dr. Fagelman's company time to commit another crime filing a false complaint or after work.

Amazing shocking and very disturbing.