Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dr Andrew Fagelman More Bad Reviews Slam Staff as Well

17 reviews for Andrew Fagelman, MD that are not currently recommended

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  • Andrew S.
    • Andrew S.
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    "By medicine life may be prolonged, yet death will seize the doctor too."

    Fagelman would do well to remember this quote. We are all human, and deserve to be treated so.

    Is it right that a so-called medical professional resorts to plugging in symptoms into his iMac, verbatim of what the patient states, so as to elicit a "diagnosis" from Google? Well, this is apparently "Doctor" Fagelman's way to practice great medicine. Anytime one visits him and is allowed a consultation by his trog, Delita, one is prone to thinking Fagelman might have suffered a stroke behind his massive iMac, or indeed he is locked in (and obviously losing) a battle against the evils of online HD pornography.

    So beware, I say! Even if you are lucky enough to pass muster with his beloved troglodyte receptionist Delita (and do not lose an eye in the process) your treatment by the front office staff will certainly make you feel a lot worse.

    Therefore, if something really ails, find a better physician, or indeed simply google your symptoms like he does and will. You will do no worse than Fagelman and his trusty iMac, I swear.

    Get well soon fellow Yelpers, and assuming you do, it will almost certainly not be thanks to Fagelman and his "team"!

    • Brooklyn, NY
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    Not only did I wait at least an hour both times I visited this doctor, but also his staff was very unprofessional. Everything in the office was rushed and I didn't feel like I was getting personal care. Dr. Fagelman had no time to chat and he barely took the time to explain my symptoms and treatment. I was misdiagnosed the first time I saw him and had to return after becoming very ill. The second time, while a nurse was taking my blood, I fainted and fell off of the examining room table. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN. Not only did I suffer from a mild concussion after hitting my HEAD on the floor, but I also had a severe bruise on my arm for weeks afterwards where the needle was ripped out. There is no explanation for this except poor treatment by untrained staff. I am lucky my injuries were not more severe. Who ever heard of going to a doctor to get help and getting more injuries in the process? Dr. Fagelman was nowhere to be seen following this incident. I am not making this up. If you want serious and personal care from a professional, I suggest you look elsewhere.

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